Products and Services

At Innogene Kalbiotech we enrich diagnostics, therapeutics and health care by bringing in the latest breakthroughs in biology and biotechnology. Our products carry forward our mission to transforms patients’ health and lives, which we believe will work towards bettering life globally.

Our Products

Rituxikal 500 mg / 50 mL

Rituxikal 100 mg / 10 mL


Novel Diagnostics

One of our precision oncology test Mammaprint, was the first FDA cleared IVDMIA breast cancer recurrence assay.

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We have various drugs in key therapeutics areas such as biosimilars, novel cancer drugs and diagnostics, which are commercialized in most ASEAN countries.

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Other Services

We welcome collaborations in clinical development with companies which have strong science-based pipeline. We and our sister companies also provide laboratory services such as BA (Bioavailability) and BE (Bioequivalence) studies, CMO for biologics, and diagnostic services including biomarker.

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