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About Innogene Kalbiotech

Innogene Kalbiotech runs clinical trials and research activities, and also manages the application of patents and commercialisation of its products worldwide. Specialising in oncology and therapeutic, Innogene was incorporated in 2003 as a subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma, Tbk., the largest publicly-listed pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia. Kalbe was established in 1966 and named as one of the 2014 “Most Admired Companies” by Fortune Indonesia.

Innogene Kalbiotech is in a unique position to enrich diagnostics, therapeutics and healthcare by bringing in the latest breakthroughs in biology and biotechnology. We have a proven track record in successfully bringing products to market in Asia through clinical development to regulatory compliance and commercialization. That's because we understand what the unmet needs are in the highly fragmented markets in the region. As our partner, you will have access to our unrivalled business capabilities in marketing and branding, and commercialization through our extensive networks. Above all, our reputation as a well-respected and trusted research and technology partner is a mark of assurance for quality, reliability and protection of intellectual property rights. While huge disparities in the diverse countries and communities pose many challenges, they also offer many opportunities. With our expertise, experience and familiarity with the regulatory environment, we can help you navigate the uncharted waters and de-mystify this complex market that is Asia. Our deep insights and capabilities, coupled with excellent supply chain connectivity, will give you first-mover advantage to get a foothold quickly in the Asian markets.

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