Everyday is Learning Day

Innogene Kalbiotech aims to catalyze Insan Kalbe’s growth and personal development through experiences & knowledge.

Our Goal

Innogene Kalbiotech Pte Ltd aims to be the best Biopharmaceutical Company in the region which can be attained through Innovation, strong brand and excellent management.

Collaborative and Diverse Culture

We may come from a different background, race, and religion but we always work as a team to give positive and productive contribution to Innogene Kalbiotech.

Be The Part of Our Team

If you are dedicated, conscientious, and willing to give the best of you, be the part of our team.

Panca Sradha

Trust is the glue of life

With mutual trust and respect, and by upholding openness and honesty, we manage the Company to deliver the very best for all.

Mindfulness is the foundation

Mindfullness is the foundation for us to take actions that are consistent with the Company’s values in order to always be responsive to the needs of all stakeholders.

Innovation is the key to our success

Starting from simplicity combined with a spirit to sustain innovation, we grow to improve the quality of life.

Strive to be the best

We provide equal opportunity to every individual to develop their potentials and become a reliable human being through the culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Interconnectedness is a universal
way of life

As part of life, we assume our role and maintain diversity and harmony by making efforts that are useful to others and to the future generations.

Perks of Working at Innogene Kalbiotech

A Warm

What They Say About Working in Innogene?

Love the dynamic work culture where every team member is given the opportunity to excel in what they do best and grow their career and positions in IGK.

Ong Lay FungSenior RA / QA Manager

Working for Innogene has been a great experience. Over the past 9 years, I have been developed professionally into many new areas. It’s challenging and I need to think and act outside my comfort zone. What i like most from this company is the perceptive superior, conducive & demanding working environment and healthy work-life balance.

Catherine NattSenior Commercial – Supply Chain and QA Manager

Having been with Innogene Kalbiotech for 15 years, almost from it’s inception, I can affirm without any doubt that it has been an exhilarating, challenging, difficult yet fun and successful journey. What has always been constant so far is the kind, demanding but always benevolent support and approach of company owners and management at all levels and that is a rarity in large organizations today.

Paritosh KeertikarAssistant Director - Clinical Affairs