At Innogene Kalbiotech we enrich diagnostics, therapeutics and health care products by bringing in the latest breakthroughs in biology and biotechnology. Our products carry our mission that transforms patients’ health and lives that we believe will work towards bettering life globally.

We have various drugs in key therapeutics areas: biosimilars, cancer drugs, vaccines and diagnostic kits.

Innogene Kalbiotech provides targeted therapy in the treatment of cancer using an innovative monoclonal antibody. Our humanized monoclonal antibody has been approved in more than 20 countries for various indications such as adult and paediatric glioma, head and neck cancer, and NPC (nasopharyngeal cancer).

The antibody has been commercialized in most of the ASEAN countries, and Nigeria. It has also been granted orphan drug status by EMEA (European Medicines Agency) for pancreatic cancer treatment.

Nimotuzumab is approved in more than 30 countries and Orphan drug designated by US FDA, EMEA and Swissmedic for Glioma and by EMEA for pancreatic cancer treatment.

We also offer several biosimilar products, which are distributed in most ASEAN countries, Georgia, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. Innogene Kalbiotech has demonstrated a consistent ability to source the most cost-effective ethical pharmaceuticals and biosimilars from across the globe to serve the unmet needs and growing demand of Asia.